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RF treatment of acne scars

Acne is the worst kind of cosmetic related problem till date because it doesn’t leave the skin of the person and if it does, it leaves huge marks as a reminder of the acne. The acne is said to be experienced by almost everyone once in their lifetime and this problem can keep on growing if infected area is disturbed without the consent of the dermatologist/skin specialist. The acne gives birth to several other conditions and it is known as the major personality deformation cause in teens. Although everyone in any part of life is prone to get acne but it is common amongst the teen going through puberty. Acne, its causes, and RF treatment for acne scars is discussed below in detail;


Acne and Causes

Acne can be described as enlarged pores gone worse and enlarged pores are caused by blockage of pores that are filled with sebum, oils, and dirt. The blockage of pores can be caused due to several factors including the following;
•    Puberty: The puberty process initiates hormonal change in the body and it leads to disturbance in the skin surface that eventually blocks the pores and causes the condition.
•    Aging process: As you grow older, your body’s power to fight and correct irregularities decreases and it eventually contributes to the condition.
•    Wrong makeup: Some kinds of makeup are not good for sensitive skin and they can cause the acne scar condition, especially if you sleep with your makeup on.
•    Wrong medication: There are several hard reactive medications that can cause changes in skin and eventually lead to blockage of pores that can turn into acne and acne scars.
•    Unhygienic environment: The pores get blocked due to excessive dirt on the skin and if you live in a unhygienic environment or lead the unhygienic way of life, you are five times more likely to get the condition.


Acne Scars

When the acne heals itself through the natural healing process of the body, it leaves several acne scars on the skin and they are permanent in nature and won’t fade away unless proper medication or treatment is applied to them. It can also be caused when acne scars are formed when the acne is treated in a wrong way or through home-based remedies. That’s the reason why proper treatment at Laser Skin Care Clinic is advised for treatment of acne and acne scars in Dubai. The most common treatment that is used to cure the scars condition is known as RF treatment for acne scars in Dubai and it allows the patient to get rid of such scars in a matter of minutes.


RF treatment

Radio Frequency treatment or RF treatment for acne scars is considered as the most common yet prominent treatment that eliminates acne scars without causing any infection or any incision in the body. Radio Frequency waves are used in this treatment to remodel the collagen production and the infected acne scars to achieve best results in less time. The treatment can only be applied by the proper dermatologist/cosmetologist and has no side effects or any downtime. For deep impact, RF treatment for acne scars can be mixed with other treatments to achieve the same results.



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