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Best Treatment for Pigmentation in Dubai

Pigmentation is basically the change in tone or color in the outer layer of the skin that is caused by different factors and leads to cosmetic problems. There are two types of pigmentations; one is hyperpigmentation that is done by overproduction of the melanin and other is known as, hypopigmentation and it is caused by underproduction of melanin and appears in form of white patches on the surface of the skin. Both of these pigmentations are harmless to health but they create a lot of cosmetic and psychological issues. The pigmentation can be felt by anyone at any age and has several factors causing it such as;

  • Inheritance
  • Sun exposure
  • Medical conditions
  • Hormonal change


Forms of Pigmentation

These conditions give birth to several forms of pigmentation issues that can only be treated with the help of proper treatment. Some of the most common forms of pigmentation are given below;



Melasma can be called as the deeper pigmentation as it exists inside the deep layers of the dermis. They are visible as large brown patches on different parts of the body. it is quite common for the women who’ve undergone or are undergoing the pregnancy period. The Melasma is apparent on the forehead, cheeks, and chin. Melasma requires consultation of a proper dermatologist/cosmetologist if it doesn’t fade away naturally.



Excessive sun exposure causes the sunspots formation that is the common form of pigmentation. It is caused by sunburns and can only be treated with the help of proper medication or treatment. They can be experienced by anyone at any part of their lives and on any part of the body if the body is exposed to the sun for a longer period.



Freckles are experienced by the white/light skinned people mostly; they are caused when the body produces excessive melanin to heal the infections and is distributed unevenly on the surface of the skin. Freckles are sometimes considered as part of sunspots as they both are caused by overexposure to the sunlight, and both require proper treatment to heal.


Post-Inflammatory Pigmentation

This kind of pigmentation is experienced after severe injury on the skin; it develops in the result of increased collagen production along with melanin to heal the body. It is commonly experienced in the form of post acne scars, skin burns and injuries.



Pigmentation treatment can be easily performed under the supervision of dermatologist/cosmetologists at Laser Skin Care Clinic Dubai. There are treatments that can break down the excessive melanin and infected cells to provide the patient with original skin without causing any pain or harm to the surrounding areas of the body.


  • Laser Treatment

Pigmentation Laser treatment is done under the supervision of a dermatologist and is considered as the most popular treatment for cosmetic conditions. The laser works in a way that the infected area is exposed to laser light that penetrates the skin of the patient and destroys the infected cells to heal the body through body’s natural process of cell regeneration and collagen production.


  • Microdermabrasion

Also known as the instant facelift procedure, the Microdermabrasion procedure allows the patient to get rid of every kind of cosmetic problem without any side effects or affecting surrounding parts of the body. It works by exfoliating the treatment area of the skin so that the new outer layer of the skin can grow that is free of pigmentation and related problems.

  • Micro-Needling Treatment

One of the major pigmentation treatments is the micro needling treatment. It works by causing micro injuries to the treatment area that leads to neutralization of infected cells and provides the contoured shape of the body without any side effects. It is minimally invasive procedure and can be mixed with other procedures to provide fast and accurate pigmentation treatment in Dubai.



In Dubai, you can get any of the treatment mentioned above at Laser Skin Care Clinic. Our qualified dermatologists provide the best consultation on the most appropriate treatment according to your skin type. You can get free consultation just by filling the form below.

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RF treatment of acne scars

Acne is the worst kind of cosmetic related problem till date because it doesn’t leave the skin of the person and if it does, it leaves huge marks as a reminder of the acne. The acne is said to be experienced by almost everyone once in their lifetime and this problem can keep on growing if infected area is disturbed without the consent of the dermatologist/skin specialist. The acne gives birth to several other conditions and it is known as the major personality deformation cause in teens. Although everyone in any part of life is prone to get acne but it is common amongst the teen going through puberty. Acne, its causes, and RF treatment for acne scars is discussed below in detail;


Acne and Causes

Acne can be described as enlarged pores gone worse and enlarged pores are caused by blockage of pores that are filled with sebum, oils, and dirt. The blockage of pores can be caused due to several factors including the following;
•    Puberty: The puberty process initiates hormonal change in the body and it leads to disturbance in the skin surface that eventually blocks the pores and causes the condition.
•    Aging process: As you grow older, your body’s power to fight and correct irregularities decreases and it eventually contributes to the condition.
•    Wrong makeup: Some kinds of makeup are not good for sensitive skin and they can cause the acne scar condition, especially if you sleep with your makeup on.
•    Wrong medication: There are several hard reactive medications that can cause changes in skin and eventually lead to blockage of pores that can turn into acne and acne scars.
•    Unhygienic environment: The pores get blocked due to excessive dirt on the skin and if you live in a unhygienic environment or lead the unhygienic way of life, you are five times more likely to get the condition.


Acne Scars

When the acne heals itself through the natural healing process of the body, it leaves several acne scars on the skin and they are permanent in nature and won’t fade away unless proper medication or treatment is applied to them. It can also be caused when acne scars are formed when the acne is treated in a wrong way or through home-based remedies. That’s the reason why proper treatment at Laser Skin Care Clinic is advised for treatment of acne and acne scars in Dubai. The most common treatment that is used to cure the scars condition is known as RF treatment for acne scars in Dubai and it allows the patient to get rid of such scars in a matter of minutes.


RF treatment

Radio Frequency treatment or RF treatment for acne scars is considered as the most common yet prominent treatment that eliminates acne scars without causing any infection or any incision in the body. Radio Frequency waves are used in this treatment to remodel the collagen production and the infected acne scars to achieve best results in less time. The treatment can only be applied by the proper dermatologist/cosmetologist and has no side effects or any downtime. For deep impact, RF treatment for acne scars can be mixed with other treatments to achieve the same results.



If you are looking for acne scars removal in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah, get in touch with Laser Skin Care Clinic to get a free consultation and to avail our free treatment offers, visit the offers page.

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Photo Rejuvenation to Restore Clear and Healthy Skin

Photo rejuvenation is basically a newer version of a facelift that allows the patient to restores clear and healthy skin. The process is noninvasive and nonsurgical in nature and it eliminates the cosmetic problems like acne scars, surgical scars, birthmarks, Melasma, wrinkles, freckles, and fine lines. The process is done within an hour and it has no downtime so that you can resume your daily routine right after the treatment. the treatment was developed in order to provide the complete package to the patients that provide the best treatment that allows the body to heal on its own without causing any side effects.

Taking the Right Care of the Skin

The outermost layer of the body that is prone to every external and internal influence is the skin and with time it starts losing its original shape and its tightness, there are several factors that contribute to skin problems starting from gravity to sun exposure and from heredity to aging effects, all these factors can boost the skin problems upon exposure and that’s why it is advised to use the care products in order to save the skin. There are several treatments that are now being offered by different dermatologists to eliminate the skin problems but not all the treatments provide the complete results except one treatment i.e. Photo rejuvenation. It is a process that is recently developed to restore clear and healthy skin in small duration of time.


Photo Rejuvenation to Restore Skin

The process is also called as instant facelift and it works by utilizing laser machine along with IPL and photodynamic therapy to treat the skin conditions. The treatment provides complete results in just one treatment; you can get rid of;

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine Lines
  • Freckles
  • Dark Patches
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Hypopigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Large Pores
  • Spider Veins
  • Stretch Marks
  • Age Spots
  • Sun Spots

Other skin-related small problems can also be treated without causing any problem in the body. Photo rejuvenation treatment in Dubai utilizes all the treatment procedures in one to penetrate the skin layers and neutralize the tissues and cells causing the cosmetic conditions and it also initiates the collagen production and cell regeneration to tighten and brighten the skin in reduced time. The treatment is free of downtime and the patient is typically allowed to go home right after the treatment.

Photo rejuvenation treatment Abu Dhabi doesn’t cause pain but small irritation can be felt by the sensitive skin patients and it can be further minimized by applying aesthetics.



If you are looking to counter your skin problems then don’t wait and instantly fill in our form to get the free consultation to restore clear and healthy skin under the supervision of qualified dermatologists/cosmetologists.