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Radio Frequency Treatment Dubai

Radio Frequency Treatment

Since long, Radio Frequency (RF) treatment has been known as the most prominent procedure to counter the sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars. Radio Frequency treatment works none-invasively and the procedure has no downtime as well. The patient is allowed to go home after the treatment but after advising some care. Radio frequency treatment is available at Laser Skin Care Clinic and it allows the patient to get rid of cosmetic problems without causing pain but minor discomfort might be felt after the treatment. The treatment can only be done under the supervision of a qualified dermatologist/cosmetologist as RF is skin dependent. It can lead to side effects and skin irritation if applied by an inexperienced nurse.


Radio Frequency Benefits

The radio frequency treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical in nature as it allows the patient to get rid of several cosmetic problems without causing any problem. The areas treated by the RF treatment in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are as under;

  • Acne scars
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Skin Sagging and Droopiness
  • Skin scars and dark patches

Radio Frequency treatment is considered as laser treatment but both have different working procedures and different impacts. The radio frequency treatment works by the following procedure.



RF treatment is done by applying the radio frequency machine on the treatment area that is pre-marked by the dermatologist to tailor out the best treatment. It can be applied on any part of the body including neck, face, arms, and highs.  You will have to go through proper examination from the dermatologist before undergoing the treatment as dermatologist/cosmetologist will check your skin type and will select the appropriate radio frequency treatment machine accordingly.  The procedure is done as;

  • General aesthetics are applied to the body to numb down the irritation that is caused by applying RF machine.
  • The Radio Frequency rays enter the skin surface and neutralize the infected cells that are causing skin sagging, wrinkles, and freckles without damaging the surrounding parts of the body.
  • Neutralization of infected cells leads to cells regeneration and collagen production that allows the body to get better tone and tightening in a natural way.
  • The process takes about one to two hours and patient is allowed to go home after the treatment but with small procedural care.


Post-Procedural Care

Radio frequency treatment in Dubai allows the patient to get the skin naturally healed. RF treatment provides natural results but it requires small procedural care so that long-term side effects can be avoided. Care list that is advised after RF treatment is as under

  • The skin will be reddish for up to 36 hours after the treatment,
  • Direct exposure to sunlight must be avoided
  • Sun creams and other equipment should be used to avoid the sun after treatment.
  • Makeup must be avoided at all costs after the treatment.
  • Drugs, alcohol, and smoking must be avoided at all costs after the treatment.


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Ways to Help Prevent Bags under the Eyes

Some call them puffy eyes whereas it is known as Festoon in the medical dictionary but generally they are known as the Bags under the eyes. Bags under the eyes are a medical/cosmetic condition that is being experienced by several people and are being experienced by everyone nowadays. The problem is caused by several factors including sleeping schedule, diet plan and even hormones. Bag under the eyes problem used to be rare and for elders but in recent ear, it is being experienced by major population and the teenagers are among the most effected ones. There are several symptoms that associate with bags under the eyes such as dark circles, mild swelling and looseness in skin.


Bags under the eyes have grown in recent years and according to one study, half the population is suffering from it. The biggest cause of the bag under the eyes is said to be the hormonal change which is caused in the teenagers during the puberty period. Another leading cause of the bags under eyes is said to be loss of sleep or disturbed sleeping schedule which is now faced by everyone. Fluid retention is another reason that is associated with the bags condition along with hereditary factor. Smoking is considered as the biggest and leading cause of festoon in adults.


Mostly, home remedies are applied to get rid of festoons but they are slow in effects and show results in matter of months. There are several other ways to prevent bags under the eyes that are faster and provide proper treatment for the whole area. Clinical treatments are available that are not only faster in showing results but are also permanent in nature. There are currently three types of cosmetic treatments that are popular and available at laser skin care to prevent bags under the eyes and are discussed below.

Fillers Treatment

Botox fillers can be applied to the Festoon infected area to kill the infected cells and normalize the face. The fillers work as painless treatment that is applied once a year to give your face a better look. They can be applied anywhere on the surface and can make the skin look younger by neutralizing the infected cells. Botox Filler treatment was approved by Botox in 2002 and has been used to treat problems like Hyperhidrosis, neck spasms, overactive bladder and bags under the eyes.

Laser Treatment for dark circles

Laser treatment for dark circles has been around for some years and has rapidly developed into a separate industry, nowadays almost every cosmetic/health related problem can be treated with the help of laser treatment as it works by bombarding the skin with rays to neutralize the infected cells and is precise enough to save other parts of the skin. Laser treatment can be applied to prevent bags under the eyes for permanent solution. At Laser skin care you can get reliable laser treatment for dark circles in Dubai under supervision of qualified dermatologists.


It is the last resort treatment that can be used to treat bags under the eyes but it is surgical in nature and is under supervision of a qualified surgeon. It is also known as eyelid surgery and it treats the bags under eyes by removing the infected area from the body, manually.


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