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Painless Way to Get Rid of Tattoos

Have you reached the point where that tattoo you once loved to have is now not more than a faded and ugly unwanted design on your body and you want to get rid of it as soon as possible? You are not alone. A significant percentage of individuals, who had tattoo somewhere on their body now regret having it and want to get rid of it. But how? It is an important question asked.

Would you like to have those painful methods such as salabrasion and Dermabrasion to remove your tattoo? Your answer will obviously be no. Well in this article we will share a painful solution to your problem. Keep reading.

How Tattoo is made?

A tattoo is made with colored ink known as pigment. This pigment is inserted in deeper layer of skin called dermis. After the skin is healed completely, pigments are trapped in the structure of skin, which turns in permanent tattoo.

How to get rid of it?

Tattoo removal can be a big challenge and mistake if you don’t select right tattoo removal method. However, it can be a safe and pleasant experience if you select right way that is laser tattoo removal to remove tattoo.

The methods that were previously used to remove tattoo were in fact skin resurfacing treatments and involved removing skin having tattoo. However, today the method of choice is laser tattoo removal. It involves the removal of pigments of tattoo without causing any severe pain or damage to the skin. The treatment will however require multiple sessions for desired successful results.

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Post-OP Care For Tattoo Removal Treatment

Now that you are ready to get rid of those colored designs on your body – tattoo – with laser tattoo removal, you should know what you need to understand and do to make your procedure smoother, avoid any complications and speed up the recovery process. You will need to do a little hard work when you are done with your treatment for quick healing and recovery. Want to know what laser tattoo removal post treatment care involves? Keep reading.

Listed below are some simple yet important after care instructions for laser tattoo removal.

  • Keep the treated area clean:

Keep the treated area clean and dry. Cover it with a sterile dressing for the recommended period of time. You can use soap and water but avoid taking bath for a couple of hours after procedure and pat dry the area after washing.

  • Apply topical ointment:

Blistering is a common and normal side effect of laser tattoo removal. Apply antibiotic ointment or prescribed topical medication on the treated area to help with blistering and speed up the healing process. Usually creams specifically made for tattoo removal procedures are recommended but over the counter burn-relief medications can also be used. Use vitamin E ointment or hydrocortisone cream to decrease itching. It hydrates the treated area.

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Full Body Hair Removal Methods And Their Effectiveness

full body laser hair removal
Majority of us want a smooth and silky skin. In most cases, this can be achieved by hair removal. This is not only done by women, but by men as well. When it comes to women, the only place they prefer seeing hair is only on their scalps, while today’s man would mostly settle for a beard and scalp hair.
So, what hair removal methods are available in the market and how do they work? Here is an outlook of common methods used to remove unwanted hair from your body, and their popularity in the market.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal procedure is also very common and is beneficial for everyone both male and female, who wants to remove unwanted hair from different parts of their body. One of the biggest benefits of laser treatment compared with other hair removal methods is that it is semi-permanent and might become permanent after a few sessions over time. This is why several sessions are recommended over time. Another benefit is that since the hair growth becomes restrained after the procedure, instead of it growing back within weeks like with other techniques, it will take months, which is a good thing. For instance, facial hair removal for women is a must, so if it takes a long time to come back is a good thing and gives them more confident. For some other parts of the body like underarms and bikini line, laser hair removal is more hygienic. And not to forget that having done laser hair removal your skin becomes smoother and feels silkier. The pros of Laser hair removal include its ability to permanently reduce unwanted hair, it is painless, takes a while before the hair grows back, has no side effects. It’s cons, depending on the experience of different people include it being a wee bit costly, has to be done by a qualified and experienced laser technician/therapist, and to see permanent reduction, one has to have a number of sessions.


Shaving is the oldest and most popular form of hair removal. One normally uses a good old-fashioned razor or an electric one, and chops off (or simply cuts) the unwanted hair very close to the skin. Most men prefer shaving when it comes to hair removal, especially their beard because, according to research, they like that feeling of a close shave. Since shaving can be used on any body part, it is also the go to method for some women. The advantages of shaving include it being cheap, hassle-free especially on short notice as well as completely painless. It’s cons include the possibility of cutting yourself, the hair growing back overnight hence shaving everyday and the fact that when you have dark hair on light skin, the roots can easily be noticed even after shaving.
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Facts You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal facts
Laser hair removal is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment and most of the people who had this treatment before are happy with the results. Laser hair removal is replacing all the other traditional hair removal methods and the reason is that its results are proven and lasting. It uses laser technology to completely destroy the hair follicles reducing growth of hair permanently. If you want to get smoother and clearer skin then make laser hair removal your choice. But before opting for any treatment, you should know about all the important facts associated with it. So, here are some important things associated with this procedure that you should know before you go for it.

Who is a good candidate?

All those who want to get unwanted hair on their body removed – whether they are men or women – can be good candidates for the procedure. However, if you have tanned or pigmented skin then you should discuss it with your dermatologist or laser specialist because it can cause more discoloration or pigmentation. Furthermore most of the dermatologists recommend not to go for the laser treatment if you are pregnant or lactating. Besides this, the treatment is suitable for any skin and hair type except totally white hair.

How it works?

Laser uses pulsed light that targets and destroys melanin – dark pigment – in the hair follicles reducing hair growth over time. This is why laser is considered more effective on dark hairs. Laser can also cause discoloration on the skin and therefore gel is applied on the skin before introducing laser that avoids any burns on it. Few sessions are required to get optimum results because hairs grow in multiple phases and the follicles should be destroyed at every phase.

When does hair fall out?

The hairs will fall out after 10 to 14 days. During two consecutive laser hair removal sessions, you should not pluck or wax hair. However, you can exfoliate and shave.